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United Kingdom
★☆Anime I've Watched★☆
Death Note
犬夜叉 InuYasha
紅の翼 D.N Angel
ソウルイーター Soul Eater
涼宮ハルヒ Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
クラナド Clannad
遊☆戯☆王 Yu-Gi-Oh!
Pandora Hearts
Sailor Moon
Avatar the Last Airbender
Fooly Cooly
Shugo Chara!
Pandora Hearts
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
Nabari No Ou
Guilty Crown
Attack on titan

Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Izaya Orhiah, Ciel phantomhive, YamiNoYugi, &Sebastian Michaels.
Personal Quote: "Well... that's annoying."
  • Listening to: Let it rock
  • Reading: the screen ;D
  • Watching: My AMV in progress
  • Playing: with my starbucks lid
  • Eating: nothin'
  • Drinking: starbucks 83
I stole this from slifertheskydragon

***Would you consider yourself a casual, serious, or hard-core fan?

Hardcore fan, even though I just learned about Anime in May2009. I am going to my first AnimeCon this Year >:D and has the Dark Magician girl!^^

***What do non-Yugioh fans think Yugioh fans are like? (i.e. They're pre-pubescent boys who like card games)

Well, that it's gay and for little kids.. which the English version is.. and it's horrible damn 4kids >.<

***Compared to that, what (do you think) Yugioh fans are actually like? (i.e. They're actually all teenage girls)

Rofl, I still think their are some teenage guys out there hiding behide fake genders haha xD But yeah, it's a bunch of raving fangirls who always scream: "DONT TOUCH YAMI HE"S MINE I"LL STEAL YOUR CUPCAKE IF YOU DO." Spouting random insults that make no sense and claim fictional lovers..

***What's your favorite part about being a Yugioh fan/reason for being a fan? (i.e. you like a certain character; you like the other people in the fandom; you like the storyline)

I loved yugioh(English) when I was little BECAUSE I HAD THIS HUGEEEEE obsession with eygpt I was planing to be an egyptologist when I was 8. Yeah, not the ballernia girl, if you can tell. ;D But now I like YuGiOh(Japanese) because Yami and Yuugi's relationship discribes one of the relationship I am in/have. So it makes me feel excited to know other people shace that emotion enough to where it's in a cartoon. ^_^ Plus I love Jap. cartoons, American ones are so... "Save the world! Forget yourself! Everyone loves you!" bullcrap stuff.

***Which series have you seen?
YuGiOh DM eng/jap
YuGiOh 5D (alittle)
YuGiOh DM manga (currently reading)
I AM going to watch all yugioh genes, since I think I should.<3

***Have you seen them dubbed, subbed, or both?

***Which is your favorite?
YuGiOh DM Japanese.
Since it's not some pee-brained shit. English version just dumbs it down. Besides little kids are smart they dont need to watched dumb down things. Kids are like adults without experience in life.

***Favorite character?
Bakura, Ryou, Atemu, Yuugi, &Malik. Seto..a little.. The rest just annoy me, but they give the show personality.

***Favorite Pairing(s)?
I like these has *PAIRINGS* not really as sexual ones..

second favs:

***What Yugioh communities are you a member of? (LJ comms, RP groups, etc)
Pharaoh Atemu
YuGiOh artist..somethin'

***Approximately how many Yugioh fans do you know, in person and/or on the internet?

Lol in real life, like anyone would admit to that. xD
Internet.... only shit alot o.o

***What's your opinion of the Abridged series?
I'm happy that LK has clean humor, like me. It Makes the show more fun ^^

***Favorite fanfic author?
Ahhh.... Just look up my favs on xD
Name's Blackowlangel

***Favorite Doujin group?
They have groups? o.o
I like all the ones with my pairings x3

***Favorite Artist?
idk .-.

***Favorite Cosplayer(s)?
None, yet.

***Are YOU a fanfic writer, artist, or cosplayer?
Artist and cosplayer. I need to finish my DMG outfit <.<

***Anything else you want to say about being a Yugioh fan, the fandom on the whole, or Yugioh in general:

I just love it for Yami and Yuugi's personalitys, relationship, plus storyline. Bakura and Ryou are also the reason I watch it ^_^

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If you're still waiting for its release, it will probably be next week or even earlier, since I will work on it tomorrow ^^.
I will notify you when it's done if you want to (:
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